Why mobile app is important for your business?

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

It is true that nowadays you can do everything with mobile apps. You can choose apartment, flight, reserve a table in a restaurant or do the shopping. For sure, life is easier with mobile apps.

Let’s start with simple statistics. In 2017, an estimated 65% of the population already owned a mobile phone. Most of them are spending over 90% time on mobile apps. It is an enourmous number of users, which you should convert into your customers.

Over 50% of people browse products on mobile, but only 10% buy that products on mobile, why? Probably responsive websites are not enough to meet their requirements and needs. Is it true? People have habits, average user spends 5 hours on mobile a day. They get used to certain interfaces. That's why they don't want to learn new interfaces on your mobile, responsive websites. Look at yourself. I remember times when I decided to change my phone from the device with Android to device with iOS. It was a huge jump and it took a lot of time to get used with the new interface. Remember about it, when you are thinking about mobile app development. 

Why choose Xamarin?

Xamarin is acquired by the Microsoft software company started in May 2011. Each developer is able to write iOS, Android and Windows applications with shared code. Over 15,000 companies rely on Xamarin. Since Xamarin is a free solution, number of apps using Xamarin are still growing.

a) Shared code

The main advantage of using Xamarin is one technology stack to code for all platforms. Process of code sharing is prestented in the image below. Professionally speaking, Xamarin uses C# and native libraries covered in .NET layer for multi-platform mobile app development. In most cases, applications built with Xamarin are compared with native mobile apps in terms of performance, user experience and security. Xamarin allows you to create a specified user interface for each platform.

What is important for you? Probably you are a .NET developer, it is the reason why you will learn Xamarin easily.

Xamarin Shared Code Description
Source: Xamarin

b) Design

Mobile apps written in Xamarin are in 100% native. You won’t see a loss of performance in it.

Each Xamarin mobile application is designed for each platform. Each interface will have own, native design, which will give only the best feelings to your customers.

c) Simplified maintenance

Xamarin allows you to create updates and make maintenance easier than you think. You don't need to create few updates. Just make changes in your Xamarin project, then you need to upload the same solution to each mobile store.

d) Open source technology with strong corporate support

C # is a language that can be used by developers creating mobile or web applications - this is one of the great advantages of using .NET.

Furthermore .NET is an open source software. It doesn't mean that users have the possibility to change everything in it. Open source gives programmers possibility to improve .NET and add functionalities which can speed up the process of writing applications. The source code of .NET and Xamarin are available on GitHub, so everyone has access to it.

Mobile app statistics

Taking into consideration comScore statistics number of global mobile users is still growing. Since the 2015 year, the number of mobile users is greater than desktop users. The Flurry data shows that U.S consumers continue to spend their time on mobile rather than desktops. What is crazy – U.S consumers spend almost 5 hours per day on their mobile phones.  

US Daily Mobile Time Spend

Source: Flurry

As Flurry statistic shows, users spend 90% of time on mobile apps (stats are from 2015). In 2014 users spend on browsers 14% of the time, now it is only 10% and it is still going down. What is important for you, time spend on gaming loss ground to social apps.

Mobile apps vs responsive websites statistics
Source: comScore.com

While we are talking about mobile purchasing. Almost 30% of customers, start journey from searching. If you have online store with apparel, clothing or electronics it is an important fact for you, because 26% of customers start purchases not from search engines, social apps, they start searching from your branded mobile app. What they will do if you won’t have one? Maybe they will look at your website or maybe they will choose a competitor which have own mobile app.

Searching preferences of customers

Source: Google Think Insights

Pros of mobile apps

First of all. When you are decided to create Xamarin mobile app you need to be prepared for the costs. It’s not cheap, we won’t charm you, but for sure it will successfully boost your business. The Xamarin mobile app gives you many advantages in other areas. I will try to point out the most important of them:

a) Better design

Native app gives you better view for your customers. Look at our example. On the left image you can see a nopCommerce mobile app, on the right image you can see a demo store opened in Safari web browsers. Which is better for your customers?

Mobile Website and Mobile App Catalog page comparision

Source: Own

Think about registration and login usability. Mobile app have shorter way to register and login than a website. Just open app, click register, do it with external authentication methods or email. It is faster than opening mobile browsers, entering the store URL, searching for login or register links, waiting for redirection, filling form and finally login. 

b) Speed

What’s important for you? For sure it’s a fact that mobile apps are faster than responsive sites. Indirectly users also need to make less clicks to open and use mobile app than responsive website.

Xamarin Native apps are faster than web apps because they store user’s data settings locally on the phone – Web apps on the other hand download the data from servers. If you have a poor internet connection it can cause a big problem. 

c) Brand recognition

When you decide to create a Xamarin mobile app, you need to know that you will get something special. Place on the users mobile desktop – phone main stage. What they will see? Icon of your app – probably it will be your company logo. When they will open your app they will see a customized splash screen. The examples you can see below:

Splash screen of our apps and main page of iphone.Source: Own

d) Increase sales

As the Domino's Pizza example shows, developing a mobile app can bring many profits. One of it is a sales growth. After mobile application implementation they noticed 75% growth of online sales. It is for sure motivating score for you.

e) Store reviews on AppStore/Google Play Store

If you have a nopCommerce mobile app for your store, you are able to publish it in the App Store or Google Play Store. What does this mean for you? Customers can leave reviews about your store easily. 

It is known for years that possitive or negative reviews about products or services are very important for each customer in their purchase decision process. 


As you may notice, after reading this article, mobile application is a must have tool for your nopCommerce store. It's not just the nopCommerce plugin or nopCommerce extension. It's an independent tool which will increase your sales and increase your incomes. You can create fully integrated nopCommerce mobile app with the customized nopCommerce theme. Incoming year will bring many new great e-commerce mobile applications, which will change the e-commerce industry. 

If you are not convinced yet, look at our demo application available on AppStore and Google Play Store. Look at your competitors? If they don't have an mobile application, it may be a Unique Selling Proposition for your store. 

#nopCommerceGoesMobile - check our mobile application based on Xamarin here:


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