What's new in nopCommerce 4.10

Friday, July 27, 2018

Everyone was waiting impatiently for the official confirmation of implementing ASP.NET Core 2.1 in nopCommerce. Everyone was looking forward, but a little disappointed is the fact that other operating systems are still not supported. The change from the .NET Framework to .NET Core is only a technological and performance change. So, what's new in the newest version of nopCommerce? Below you will find the list of the most important and the most interesting changes in nopCommerce 4.10.

EU GDPR support in nopCommerce

First of all, we have possiblity to adapt the store to the EU GDPR requirements. We received signals from customers that existing GDPR plugins caused some problems in the store, the fact of adding this features out of the box is a good step for everyone. What do we get? In the administration panel you will see a new tab "GDPR Settings", in which we have the ability to manage marketing consents.

GDPR Settings in nopCommerce

As you can see, it's required to use this feature. You are able to enable or disable it. You will see also two checkbox related with logging consents. In the next section, you will see all consents added in your store. To add new consent, just press the "Add consent" button.

You will see following screen:

Adding consent

You can specify:

Message - It's a text of the consent, your customers will see it on public store.

Is required - If you check this box, you will see additional textarea with the text of the required message.

Display during registration - You can specify if this consent should be visible during registration process.

Display on "Customer info" page - You can specify if this consent should be visible on "Customer info" page.

Display order - You can change the position of consent with display order.

If you add few consents you will see them like in the example below:

List of consents

On the public store with default clean template, consent will appear as below:

Accept consent

As you may know, you need to give customers possibility to export or delete data in the store. It's possible now from My account section in GDPR Tools section or in the admin panel in customer edit page. 

GDPR Tools

GDPR in admin panel

All actions related with consents are visible in the GDPR requests (log) - Customer section in Admin panel. You can filter them by customer email or request type.

GDPR requests log

UI/UX Improvements in nopCommerce admin panel

First thing which you will see in the new admin panel is a "Reports" tab in side menu. It's new section where you will find all reports from nopCommerce.

Reports Tab

On the Catalog page you will see a new button "Bulk edit", it's moved Bulk Edit products from the sidebar menu.

catalog buttons

On the order details page, you will see also combined addressess tabs. Shipping and billing address field you will see in the single tab.

Billing and shipping addresses tab

Changes in the Maintenance tab in System section:


Custom vendor attributes

Vendor attributes

From the 4.10 version you are able to create a vendor attributes. It's possible from admin panel -> Configuration -> Settings -> Vendor settings section. You can create a few types of attributes. It can be:

- Dropdown list
- Radio buttons list
- Textbox and multiline text box
- Read-only checkboxes

Created attributes will be visible during the "Apply for vendor account" process.

Sample vendor attribute

Added support import picture of product by URL

And many more. Full release notes is available on the official nopCommerce site here:


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