Weekly tips #1: Translating your store

Monday, January 8, 2018

About nopCommerce Weekly Tips

I would like to introduce our new series of articles. Once a week, we will publish a short tips, good practices and tricks in nopCommerce on our blog. Weekly tips will contain content for a beginner users and also for the developers or more advanced nopCommerce users. 

If you have a problem, which we should explain in Weekly Tips, just give us a word! For sure, I will consider it.

nopCommerce language packs

If you want to create nopCommerce based online store, probably you want to have a store in your native language.  The fastest way is to look at the nopCommerce marketplace and download or buy language pack with your language. 

Screen from nopCommerce Marketplace

After downloading a zip file, extract it and go to Admin panel -> Configuration -> Language -> Add new. Fill necessary fields and click save changes. After that, you will be able to import resource strings. 

Screen from adding new language

Missing resource strings

nopCommerce language packs contain a few hundreds of resource strings. Each part of store contain resource strings. Sometimes when you will find a strange string like Account.AccountActivation.AlreadyActivated. It means that some of resource strings are not translated in your language pack. 

Fixing it is one of the easiest process in nopCommerce. Just edit your existing language, click the "String resource" tab and click "Add record" button. As it is shown below on the image, you need to fill two fields - String resource and Value. If you find any missing resource string just copy it and paste in the "Resource string" field, then enter the translation in the "Value" field. 

Screen from the adding missing resource strings

Creating own language pack

As you know, nopCommerce is an open source e-commerce solution. It's highly connected with the community. Despite the fact that from nopCommerce Team we receive a functional online store, we need to customize it. If the nopCommerce plugins database doesn't meet your needs, you need to create an extension, theme or language pack. Creation of language packs is a very simple process. After nopCommerce installation, just go to Admin Panel -> Configuration -> Languages -> Edit an existing language. On the new page you will have button "Export resources". Click it and save on your computer. 

Screen of Language edit page

You will download an XML file. Inside, you will find all of resource strings, existing in your nopCommerce store. What you should do? There are a few ways, but the most common and most comfortable is to change existing translations, because you will know its exact meaning. Sometimes the length of resource strings causes confusion, trust me. 

After that, export the Excel file to XML. Sometimes you will have to enable "Developer" menu in your Excel. 

The last step is to import resource strings to nopCommerce (button shown on the image above). If you created a language pack, because you didn't find it on nopCommerce.com/marketplace, you can upload it here for another members of community. Maybe someone is also looking for it? We are creating a Polish language pack for each version of nopCommerce after each update, then we are uploading it for free! 

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