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Customer service is the most important part of each online store. You have to receive message from customers, answer them and solve their problem. It can be confusing and chaotic. Improve your customer service with nopCommerce Help desk - Tickets System plugin.
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nopcommerce 4.20
Tickets System - nopCommerce 4.20
nopcommerce 4.30
Tickets System - nopCommerce 4.30 (MSSQL)
nopcommerce 4.40
Tickets System - nopCommerce 4.40 (MSSQL)

Customer service is the most important part of each online store. You have to receive message from customers, answer them and solve their problem. It can be confusing and chaotic. As a solution coming our Contact form plugin. Perfect customer support / ticket system. Efficient tracking. Multiple Departments.

Improve customer care
Increase incomes
Save your time
Free support during first 3 months

Support services in nopCommerce are easy and efficient now! In a lapse-free timeframe, you can solve customer requests regarding customer support by installing nopCommerce ticket system in the easiest way possible. Tickets can be generated from customer account, product page, order page and contact form page. To reach follow-ups, customers can track the entire communication between them and the support agent in a central thread and add your notes visible or not to customers.

Set departments

nopCommerce Tickets System provides possibility to create and manage company departments to ease up the tickets management process. You can create depratments, assign them to stores,

Internal notes

Do you have something in mind and want to share this knowledge with your colleagues? Just add a internal note, invisible for customer. It will help you in the information workflow.

Set Ticket Status and Priority

Improve the tickets system management and set different statuses and priorities. Priorities can be customized, so you can create whatever priority you want to.

Ticket alerts

Install Help Desk - Tickets System for nopCommerce and receive notifications about new tickets, new responses.

Google Captcha on each form

Prevent spam in your store and secure your help desk with Google reCAPTCHA on each form, created in your nopCommerce store. Just mark the checkbox in admin panel and that's all.

Customize forms and messages

Each form and message template can be customized from admin panel. Each message which is send to user or staff is editable in the Message templates section of nopCommerce plugin - Tickets System - Help desk.

How nopCommerce plugin - Help Desk - Tickets System can improve your nopCommerce store?

  1. 1. View & reply customer tickets from backoffice
  2. 2. Create multiple departments to manage tickets.
  3. 3. Creates an advanced customer support management system.
  4. 4. Improve customer relations.
  5. 5. Create multiple premade replies published or not.
  6. 6. Send & receive email notifications.
  7. 7. Allow to build own form template (localized in Plugins\Widgets.Tickets\Views\Public\TemplateForm folder)
  8. 8. Assign Staff roles to particular managers

Still not convinced?

Our demo store is on duty! Login to the admin panel of demo store and check how the Help desk - Tickets System nopCommerce plugin, really works! Please visit our documentation page, you will find there necessary information and first steps in the Tickets System plugin.

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