Tickets System

Perfect customer support / ticket system. Efficient tracking. Multiple Departments.
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nopcommerce 4.00
Tickets System - nopCommerce 4.00
nopcommerce 4.10
Tickets System - nopCommerce 4.10
nopcommerce 4.20
Tickets System - nopCommerce 4.20

Customer service is the most important part of each online store. You have to receive message from customers, answer them and solve their problem. It can be confusing and chaotic. As a solution coming our Contact form plugin. Perfect customer support / ticket system. Efficient tracking. Multiple Departments.

Improve customer care
Increase incomes
Save your time
Free support during first 3 months

Tickets System:
      - Easy to create and manage departments (Multiple departments supported)
      - Allow administrator set Staff
      - Allow customer/staff to set priority (Low / Normal / High)
      - Easy to add note (Staff member can view note details quickly on the ticket list)
      - Support multistore 
      - Support Multilanguage

Allow customers to post tickets at front-end side by:
      - Contact Form
      - My Account - new option Ticket List/Add Ticket
      - Order
      - Product

Manage tickets from nopcommerce admin panel. Admin can:
      - specify the tickets priorities.
      - change the ticket department.
      - specify the ticket's staff.
      - specify the ticket's status. (available: Open/Processing/Close)
      - see the list of tickets posted by customers, and also can reply for the tickets posted by customers.

Customers will get email when staff reply for their ticket.
Customers can also see the ticket details and replies posted by the staff at front-end My Account.
Customers can add more comments in the earlier generated tickets.

Ability to create own fields to contact form
Allow to create multiple forms with automatic response, set in widget zone
Allow to build own form template (localized in Plugins\Widgets.Tickets\Views\Public\TemplateForm folder)

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