Theme Editor - Add & Edit Themes Directly from Admin panel

Thursday, June 29, 2017

You are bored of your store design? Here is the solution. From now you will be able to create and edit your own customized theme directly from browser and your online store. 

Now, this process take long time. You need to open FTP Client, look for FTP access keys, connect to your FTP server, find specified file and replace desirable file. Did you know that it's possible to speed up this process? Everything you need is just nopCommerce! Seems good, isn't it?

First step is to install our plugin. Configuration is basic. Please look at editor theme, choose dark or light background, you have a few variants of themes. Then choose font size, highlighting active lines, etc.

Next step is to manage themes. Table is simple, basic information about themes and buttons to edit and add new theme. In the theme edition you have possibility to use all of views available in nopCommerce. 

To copy it to your new theme just open it and save. After saving, you need to restart application. If not, nopCommerce won't be able to locate newly added file. 

Plugin is ready to order here:

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