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Monday, June 12, 2017

To the end of the month you can get two free plugins to your nopCommerce! SQL Reports and PDF Invoice plugin are waiting for you!

If you will purchase Marketing Automation plugin you will receive SQL Reports nopCommerce plugin for free!

Marketing Automation plugin was created to send emails which your customers want receive. Show them products which they want view. Help them with the buying process.

With nopCommerce plugin SQL Reports You can create your own reports! Specify which fields should be analyzed, what kind of data you want to analyze, add your own SQL code and generate report or schedule it to send it automatically later.

Second option, if you will purchase Tickets System plugin you will receive PDF Invoice plugin for free!

Customer service is the most important part of each online store. You have to receive message from customers, answer them and solve their problem. It can be confusing and chaotic. As a solution coming our Contact form plugin. Perfect customer support / ticket system. Efficient tracking. Multiple Departments.

You can create your own invoice template in HTML which is published on order details in PDF. Personalize and customize your documents in store. Make your business professional with our PDF plugin.

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