RightBar - widget

nopCommerce sidebar plugin allowing the customer to quickly access the most frequently used web store function
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Picture of RightBar for v3.50
RightBar for v3.50
Picture of RightBar for v3.60
RightBar for v3.60
nopcommerce 3.80
RightBar for v3.80

A nopCommerce widget providing a right side floating button bar, that may become very handy by exposing links to the most frequently used web store functions. Free version contains buttons linking to the shopping cart and to the top of the page. Pro version allows to fully customize the sidebar with desired buttons giving them each one of many smooth looking icons and captions that can be translated to all languages supported by the web store. It also removes the author link from the bottom of the bar.

Increase satisfaction
Improve promoting moves
Attract Customers
Free support during first 3 months

Pro version:
      - Number of buttons limited only by the page height
      - Possibility to fully customize each button (icon, internationalized caption, url)
      - Removed link to author website

Version for nopCommerce 3.30 also includes:
      - Possibility to remove bar from mobile device view
      - Customize buttons to open in new window
      - More user-friendly configuration interface

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