The Biggest Plugin and Integrations Marketplace for your nopCommerce


Theme Editor

Using nopCommerce default clean theme may be boring. Stand out of the competition and create your own, customized, personlized theme. Improve your daily work and use this time saver!


ToDo List Manager

No need for multiple programs anymore! ToDo List is coming to your Admin Panel! With this simple nopCommerce plugin you are able to create projects, tasks, assign them to staff and receive notifications! Manage, prioritize and save your time from now!


QuickFilterPro Widget

Filter products dynamically with desired criteria, without reloading page and share results.


Marketing Automation

Send emails which your customers want receive. Show them products which they want view. Help them with the buying process.

From $99.00

NopCommerce SQL Report

You can create your own reports! Specify which fields should be analyzed, what kind of data you want to analyze, add your own SQL code and generate report or schedule it to send it automatically later.

From $69.00

Tickets System

Perfect customer support / ticket system. Efficient tracking. Multiple Departments.

From $99.00

Web API for nopCommerce

Plugin Web API for nopCommerce gives an access to business data stored in nopCommerce database. It is built with ASP.NET Web API and the OData provider technologies. The plugin requires the knowledge about the nopCommerce database structure.

From $149.00


Marketplace4you give possibility to place product by your customers in your store. You may use it to create notice board or base of announcements.

From $79.00

nopCommerce Amazon S3

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). It's simple to move large volumes of image data into or out of Amazon S3 with Amazon's cloud data migration options.


QuickFilter Widget

A nopCommerce widget to filter the products dynamically with desired criteria and without the whole page reloading.

From $39.00

Dashboards - Charts and tables

All the necessary information from your shop displayed on one screen? Display, analyze and export data to Excel? With Dashboard - Charts and tables it is possible now! Choose the skin which you like to and turn your desktop into a real store command center!

From $99.00

Fancy Product Designer

The Product Designer plugin for nopCommerce Plugin allows to add product customization features by offering a design panel to your customers on any product page.

From $199.00

Amazon MWS Integration

Save your time and integrate your online store with Amazon Marketplace Web Service. It was never so easy. This integration was made to be compatible with all the categories that exists on Amazon.

From $149.00

eBAY Integration

eBay integration connects you nopCommerce shop with eBay Marketplace. Import your orders, update orders status, stock. Import products from eBay to nopCommerce. Save your time and integrate nopCommerce with eBay in a few steps!

From $99.00

PDF Invoice and packing slip

You can create your own invoice template in HTML which is published on order details in PDF.

From $39.00

Contact form

Customer service is the most important part of each online store. You have to receive message from customers, answer them and solve their problem. It can be confusing and chaotic. As a solution coming our Contact form plugin.

From $79.00

QuickHTML Widget

This plugin allows you to add HTML code in one of the 95 predefined widget zones or you may use it in your custom Widget Zone.


Web Services for Administrator

Designed a new webservice nopCommerce platform. It allows you to integrate the store with any other system.

From $99.00

Product Attachments Widget

Product Attachments Widget allows to publish any kind of files (manuals, zip, media or audio).

From $39.00

One Page Checkout

One page checkout plugin turns a few steps in one simple page. Your checkout will be simpler and more intuitive. You wondering why your customers abandon shopping carts? Install One Page Checkout, People will save time, you will earn new customers.

From $50.00

Delivery calendar - widget

Calendar allowing customers to choose their desired delivery date.


Discount - Older customers than x

Free discount rule for your nopCommerce. Assigned discount to customers all than X months.


Discount for newsletter subscribers

Customer must be subscribed to newsletter: You can apply discounts only to those customers who are subscribed to the newsletter, or to those who aren't.


Discount plugins

Discount by payment method
Discount by shipping method
Discount by shopping cart (has amount in cart)

From $49.00

Dynamic Category Navigator

A simple nopCommerce widget plugin allowing customers to navigate through the web store categories easier.

From $39.00

event Calendar Widget

Perfect to share your events schedule with your customers.


JSC3D - 3D products viewer

A widget for viewing 3D product models. Introducing a new dimension into nopCommerce. Make your products more natural and attractive. Remember customer can't touch it, so give him the best view of product which he wants buy.


Pay with Amazon

A direct payment plugin allowing the web store to use the Pay with Amazon service. Customers having an Amazon account can perfom a checkout with their information filled directly by Amazon.

From $90.00

Price Manager

Quick and easy plugin to update prices in your shop. Save your time!

From $49.00

Search engine powered by MongoDB

GrandNode is an open source e-commerce solution. It's based on ASP.NET and MongoDB. If you want to use this plugin, we would like to inform you about GrandNode, which has MongoDB engine.


Shipping Grid

The Shipping Grid plugin is designed to provide various, user defined shipping methods rate calculation to nopCommerce web store. Shipping rate calculation methods may be also defined individually for specific products or even manufacturers.

From $199.00

Store Locator

Use Store Locator for nopCommerce to show your stores on a map. Give customers possibility to find your store without searching it. Each customer has freedom and convenience of searching unlimited store locations through points added to Google Maps.



Are you afraid that someone will use your photos? You have a unique, handmade product pictures and you want to protect them against theft? With the help comes our Watermark plugin. With Watermark you will be able automatically add watermark image to your product and determine its location and size.


QuickCart Widget

Plugin QuickCart allows to add products to the cart much faster and without leaving the current page. Save your customers time, which is a treasure for them. Make their activities much easier than always!


QuickFlexSlider Widget

This plugin adds an elegant and responsive image slider on your homepage, each categories or manufacturers.


QuickMenu Widget

Plugin allow to customize your menu on the page.


QuickRibbons Widget

This plugin that facilitates the administrator to create the different ribbons and can apply the ribbons to the products in store which helps in highlighting the new products, offer products, special products etc. to increase the product sales.


QuickTabs Widget

QuickTabs for nopCommerce allows to show extra information in tabs for specific product pages.


QuickView Widget

Plugin shows a "quick view" button on the product box. It gives possibility to minimize time of looking for products on your store. Customer can just click on interesting product and buy it.


Web Services for Customer

New webservice for your Customer in nopCommerce platform. Your customer can integrate his system with your e-commerce. It can be very helpfull for B2B system.

From $99.00

Facebook Comments - Widget

This plugin give possibility to comment and share your products in the most popular social site - Facebook. Allow customers to promote your store in the world.

From $10.00

Newsletter Pop Up - Widget

Newsletter widget displays pop up box with customizable content.

From $20.00

RightBar - widget

nopCommerce sidebar plugin allowing the customer to quickly access the most frequently used web store function

From $20.00

Amazon external authentication

Amazon external authentication provider for nopCommerce.


Google external authentication

Google external authentication provider for nopCommerce.


Sage Payment Solutions integration plugin

A nopCommerce direct payment plugin for integration with Sage Payment Solutions ( supporting different transaction modes and e-mail notifications in case of unsuccessful transactions.

From $129.00

Twitter external authentication

Twitter external authentication provider for nopCommerce.


VR pay virtuell integration plugin

A nopCommerce redirect payment plugin for integration with VR pay virtuell ( with different currencies.

From $60.00

Facebook Sliding Box with Discount

Promote your website on Facebook and give discount for your fans.

From $30.00

Bing promotion feed

Bing promotion feed - gives your ads more style, prominence. Highlight your the best products, let new customers find you, it's very important!

From $20.00

Discount newsletter

The discount newsletter plugin displays a popup which invites your shop's visitors to subscribe to your newsletter offering an coupon code.

From $29.00

Google Trusted Store - widget

Increase your brand trust. Integrate your store with Google Trusted Store and attract customers to buy products in your store. Safety and trust is the most important thing in the online stores, remember!