Payson Payment Module (Sweden)

This payment module allows you to integrate with Payson from country Sweden.
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nopcommerce 3.80
Payson Payment Module (Sweden) nopCommerce 3.80
nopcommerce 3.90
Payson Payment Module (Sweden) nopCommerce 3.90
nopcommerce 4.00
Payson Payment Module (Sweden) nopCommerce 4.00

With Payson’s payment solutions for e-commerce, PaysonCheckout 2.0, you will cover the whole payment market with one single agreement. Here e-traders will get access to all kinds of payment methods and will get started within 24 hours. Nothing else is needed! Payson has over 10 years experience of secure online payments and tens of thousands of connected e-shops and satisfied customers.

Use the PaysonAccount when you are shopping online, it helps both when you are selling and buying. With PaysonAccount you pay to the seller’s e-mail address – therefore, you can forget everything about complicated bank account numbers. You can choose from many different payment methods, e.g. your Internet bank or your credit card. When you are selling, you do not have to give away any sensitive account information and you will receive the payment directly, without any delays.
Once you are logged in to your PaysonAccount, you can see your complete transaction history and administrate your payments.

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