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Did you think about improving your store? Increasing your sales and conversion? We have a great choice for you! It's the best alternative for traditional emails. nopCommerce Push Notifications based on Firebase.

Increase conversion
Save your time
Increase incomes
Free support during first 3 months

What are push notifications?

nopCommerce Web Push notifications are clickable, little pop-ups which appear in the right-bottom corner of the screen. Push notifications appear to each person who accept receiving them, even if they are not visiting your store.

It's powerful tool, benefits of using it are presented below. Customer who bought push notifications also were interested in Marketing Automation plugin. The combination of these two plugins gives you an amazing tool to improve your marketing actions.

High Conversion Rates

People are cautious, they won't fill any unnecessary fields or forms. You should propose them the most simplest way to subscribe. To accept notifications your customers need to click "Allow" and that's all! You have they agreement and you can keep them up to date with your offer.

nopCommerce Web Push Notifications are used to convert your users into customers just in a seconds. 

Real-Time communication

Your users will receive message immediately. It's not an e-mail which can get stuck in the web. It's real time, if you click "Send", user will get it in a seconds.

According to Localytics studies, over 52% asked people, enabled push notifications on their mobile phones when they download the app.

Inexpensive method of communication

It's one of the cheapest way of communication. 

Main benefits:
- Expand Marketing List 
- Reach to your user when they are not on your website 
- High Opt in Rates
- Visitor turns into customer

100% deliverability

As opposed to e-mails, push notifications has 100% deliverability. Spam filters don't affect on them. 

Engage Your App Users With Personalised Push Messages

Please note: Information related to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): nopCommerce Web Push Notifications usess an external service. We invite you to contact Firebase directly for more information.

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