NopCommerce SQL Report

You can create your own reports! Specify which fields should be analyzed, what kind of data you want to analyze, add your own SQL code and generate report or schedule it to send it automatically later.
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nopcommerce 4.00
SQL Report (nopCommerce 4.00)
nopcommerce 4.10
SQL Report (nopCommerce 4.10)
nopcommerce 4.20
SQL Report (nopCommerce 4.20)

The most important plugin to your store! The more information you get, the more income you had from the store!

Give informations
Save your time
Increase incomes
Free support during first 3 months

- Add your own SQL code to generate report.
- Schedule report to generate and send automatically in specified time:
You can set occurs frequency by day, hour, minute. Weekly, Monthly, Yearly. (For example Monthly every first Monday of the month)
- Add reports according to specified groups.
- Possilibty to create filters by which you can create a report
- Permissions in ACL to viewing and managing reports
- Possibility to export reports to Excel
- Two appearances of the report - the table in the browser and excel

In standard version you will get 10 example reports

Pagination is not supported. 

Large numbers of records not supported (limit by kendo).

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