QuickFilterPro Widget (ajax filter)

Filter products dynamically with desired criteria, without reloading page and share results. Working only with simple products
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nopcommerce 4.20
QuickFilterPro Widget - nopCommerce 4.20
nopcommerce 4.30
QuickFilterPro Widget - nopCommerce 4.30 (MSSQL)
nopcommerce 4.40
QuickFilterPro Widget - nopCommerce 4.40 (MSSQL)

A nopCommerce widget to filter the products dynamically with desired criteria and without the whole page reloading. Pro version allow to change URL, and share results with others. Pro version also enabled to filter with OR and AND conditions. 

Increase interest
Free support during first 3 months

- Widget Support
- Razor files and CSS are open to modifications
- Very fast and simple
- SEO friendly URLs
- AND/OR conditions support
- manufacturer attributes support
- category attributes support
- tested with all major browsers

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