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11 May

We would like to announce our newest plugin - Fedex Packing Slip generator. It's superb plugin, which will improve your shipments management. You are able to generate packing slips to your shipments just with one click.

You are able to generate packing slips for many different types of packages. 

Features of plugin:

  • Different Service Types
  • Different Packaging Types
  • Different Payment Types
  • Supported Additional Features:
    • Collect on Delivery
    • Hold at Location
    • Drop Off
  • Different countries

Product page:

Let's look at our newest plugin - Fedex Packing Slip Generator. Improve your shipments management easily with our must have plugin.
17 April

Banner of nopCommerce Days 2018

The first two nopCommerce Days conferences were held in Amsterdam, during the last one, you were able to visit New York. Can you predict where will be the annual conference in this year?

 “What happens here, stays here.”

Yes! That's it. nopCommerce Team, nopCommerce solution partners, users and store owners will meet in Las Vegas! 

Las Vegas conference banner

What's new? 

More speakers announced at the beginning. Except Andrei, CEO of nopCommerce, you will hear a speech coming from:

- Sam Mallikarjuan - HubSpot
- Jeffrey Fritz - Microsoft
- Scott Addie - Microsoft
- Steve Smith - Ardalis

You will meet also another 25+ e-commerce experts. 

Where? When?

Date: 8th-9th November, 2018

Where: Las Vegas, USA
Hard Rock Hotel & Casino


What you can get from the conference? 

- Knowledge

- Establish relationships

- Learn new technologies

- Get new customers

- Share your success story or knowledge

As you may know, from the beginning we are supporting the nopCommerce Days, in the Amsterdam and New York you probably heard our speech about Integrating nopCommerce with SAP Business One and Implementing nopCommerce mobile app.

The first two nopCommerce Days conferences were held in Amsterdam, during the last one, you were able to visit New York. Can you predict where will be the annual conference in this year?
28 March

Weekyl Tips #4

Create Google app

We need to create a new Google app on Google API console. Navigate to and log in using your Google account. If you do not have a Google account, you need to create one. You cannot proceed without a Google account. Once you have logged in, you will be redirected to API Manager Library page, similar to the one shown below.

Click on Create button to move to “New Project” page where you need to create a new project. The “Project name” field will be populated automatically with a default name provided by Google. If you want then you can override that with your own custom name. For this tutorial we will be using the default name. Accept the terms of service and then click on Create button.

Your project will be created successfully and you will be redirected to API Library page similar to one shown below. 


Search for Google+ API in the search bar and select Google+ API from the search results. Refer to the below image


After selecting the Google+ API option, you will be redirected to a page as shown below, where you need to click on the Enable button.


After this the Google+ API will be enabled and you will be redirected to API home page. Click on Create credentials button on the right side of page to configure the secrets for your API.

You will see an “Add credentials to your project” form. 

This form has three sections.

Fill in the details of the sections as mentioned below 

Section 1 - Find out what kind of credentials you need

  •  Which API are you using? - Google+ API
  • Where will you be calling the API from? - Web server (e.g. node.js, Tomcat)
  • What data will you be accessing? - User data 
And click on What credentials do I need button. You will be redirected to section 2


Section 2 - Create an OAuth 2.0 client ID

  • Name – The default value provided by Google.
  • Authorized JavaScript origins- Leave it blank.
  • Authorized redirect URIs - Give the base URL of your application with /signin-google appended to it. For this tutorial the URL will be http://localhost:51792/signin-google. After entering the URL Press TAB to add the value.
After this click on Create client ID button. You will be redirected to section 3


Section 3 - Set up the OAuth 2.0 consent screen 
  • Email address– Select your email address from the dropdown. This value is masked in the above image for privacy.
  • Product name shown to users – Enter any product name. Here we are using “AuthDemo” as the Product name.
Important Note
Do not use the word "Google" in your product name. You will be prompted with an error and you won't be allowed to create the app. This means "GoogleAuthDemo" is an invalid name.

Click on continue.
Your credentials have been created successfully. Click Download to download a JSON file to your local machine with all your application secrets, and then click Done to complete the process.

Open the just downloaded client_id.json file and make a note of ClientId and ClientSecret field. We will need these values to configure Google authentication in our web app.


It may be tricky for some users, so let's look at the short guide about creating the Google app, which you can use in our Login with Google - external authentication plugin.
23 January

Weekly Tips 3

1. I've deleted an admin account, how to recover it?

It's one of the most common problems in nopCommerce. If you will delete an admin account, you should login to your database and enter a specified query, it's shown below:

UPDATE Customer
  SET Deleted = 0
  WHERE Id = 1

You should know that if you delete an account it has only changed status from active to deleted. In database it field Deleted
will be true.  In the sql script, we are changing the value back from “True” to “False”. And that's it!

2. I've added new files to my theme, why I don't see them?

It's related with IIS behavior. If you add something new to your nopCommerce, you won't see it immediately. You need to restart your nopCommerce application. That's the trick. 

3. How to configure Gmail e-mail account in nopCommerce?

Basically, it's not a bug. It's problem related with Gmail security requirements. If you want to use Gmail account as your e-mail account in nopCommerce you need to enable 3rd party softwares support in your Gmail. Please look at the steps below how to successfully configure Gmail email account in nopCommerce.

1. Log in to your Gmail. 

2. Please enter and allow access. 

3. Please enter and allow access.

4. Login to your nopCommerce, then go to Configuration -> E-Mail Accounts and Add new or Edit existing account.

5. Now use below listed settings:

Email address: Your email
Email display name: your website name
Port: 587
Password: Password. (NOTE: If you are editing existing account, don't forget to click "Change password" button.)
SSL: Checked.
Use default credentials: Unchecked. 

6. Save changes.

7. That's all. You can send test e-mail, but everything will work.

4. I've uploaded new plugin, why I don't see it?

It can be caused by few problems. Please try to look at this steps:

1. Ensure that SupportVersions field in Description.txt matches your current nopCommerce version

2. Ensure that it exists in plugins directory (it have a right folder structure)

3. Reload list of plugins

5. I've edited my CSS, why I don't see the changes?

Probably you didn't clear cache in your browser. Just hit the CTRL and F5 buttons on your keyboard, it should solve the problem.

Second way, maybe you don't replace CSS file? 

If you are changing your files quite often and it starts taking a lot of time? You can do it faster with our Theme Editor plugin for nopCommerce. 

Weekly Tips #3: 5 common nopCommerce problems and solutions. If you are a beginner user of nopCommerce, this tips may be useful for you.
14 January

Weekly Tips #2 banner of series

Surrounding us a popular buzz word - SEO is dead, is not true. In the newest Weekly Tips article I will show you a few tips, how to rank higher your nopCommerce store in the search results. That is simple, trust me, you don't have to be a guru in search engine optimization. Just follow this few steps and for sure, it will bring you an effects.  


It's basic step. You should start from this point. You have to be sure that your pages have unique meta title, meta description and keywords. The worst thing you can do it's duplicating meta tags. 


2 seconds is the threshold for ecommerce website acceptability. At Google, we aim for under a half second.” Maile Ohye, from Google

Answer is above. Users are impatient, if they know that another store exist, they will exit from your site and look for it, it happens when your store is loading indefinitely.

You need to understand that a faster store is a better user experience (UX) and better user experience leads to higher conversion and as you may know, higher conversion leads to higher incomes! 

Look at the e-commerce stats below, the answer is obvious:

Kissmetrics stats about e-commerce customer behaviors


3) More details in SERP

You need to know that SERP will have more features. In recent years, the results were showing only title, description of the website. Now, SERP (Search Engine Result Page) comes with snippets. Look at the example below:

Screen from Google Help

More details about featured snippets, you can find on


You don’t have a company blog yet? It’s best time to change that. Share with people the latest information from the industry, post reviews of yours products, share with people tutorials on how to properly use your products. But remember, it should be a unique and important content for them! 

For example you have online store with spices, maybe great idea to gain new customers is to write blog of recipes.


Ignoring Analitycs Tools is very expensive thing. Please imagine that  you are spending 1,000$ per month on social media campaigns, AdWords, but you didn’t improve your site statistics. In this case, it is very important to analyze it, at which point our new customers switching from further use of the store. Maybe our target group not use channel on which you are focusing your promotion actions.

Surrounding us a popular buzz word - SEO is dead, is not true. The whole process is simple, trust me, you don't have to be a guru in search engine optimization. Just follow this few steps and for sure, it will bring you an effects.
08 January

About nopCommerce Weekly Tips

I would like to introduce our new series of articles. Once a week, we will publish a short tips, good practices and tricks in nopCommerce on our blog. Weekly tips will contain content for a beginner users and also for the developers or more advanced nopCommerce users. 

If you have a problem, which we should explain in Weekly Tips, just give us a word! For sure, I will consider it.

nopCommerce language packs

If you want to create nopCommerce based online store, probably you want to have a store in your native language.  The fastest way is to look at the nopCommerce marketplace and download or buy language pack with your language. 

Screen from nopCommerce Marketplace

After downloading a zip file, extract it and go to Admin panel -> Configuration -> Language -> Add new. Fill necessary fields and click save changes. After that, you will be able to import resource strings. 

Screen from adding new language

Missing resource strings

nopCommerce language packs contain a few hundreds of resource strings. Each part of store contain resource strings. Sometimes when you will find a strange string like Account.AccountActivation.AlreadyActivated. It means that some of resource strings are not translated in your language pack. 

Fixing it is one of the easiest process in nopCommerce. Just edit your existing language, click the "String resource" tab and click "Add record" button. As it is shown below on the image, you need to fill two fields - String resource and Value. If you find any missing resource string just copy it and paste in the "Resource string" field, then enter the translation in the "Value" field. 

Screen from the adding missing resource strings

Creating own language pack

As you know, nopCommerce is an open source e-commerce solution. It's highly connected with the community. Despite the fact that from nopCommerce Team we receive a functional online store, we need to customize it. If the nopCommerce plugins database doesn't meet your needs, you need to create an extension, theme or language pack. Creation of language packs is a very simple process. After nopCommerce installation, just go to Admin Panel -> Configuration -> Languages -> Edit an existing language. On the new page you will have button "Export resources". Click it and save on your computer. 

Screen of Language edit page

You will download an XML file. Inside, you will find all of resource strings, existing in your nopCommerce store. What you should do? There are a few ways, but the most common and most comfortable is to change existing translations, because you will know its exact meaning. Sometimes the length of resource strings causes confusion, trust me. 

After that, export the Excel file to XML. Sometimes you will have to enable "Developer" menu in your Excel. 

The last step is to import resource strings to nopCommerce (button shown on the image above). If you created a language pack, because you didn't find it on, you can upload it here for another members of community. Maybe someone is also looking for it? We are creating a Polish language pack for each version of nopCommerce after each update, then we are uploading it for free! 

nopCommerce is a very flexible e-commerce system. By default you will download english version of store. If you are wondering, how you can translate it, look at our first tip.
03 January

It is true that nowadays you can do everything with mobile apps. You can choose apartment, flight, reserve a table in a restaurant or do the shopping. For sure, life is easier with mobile apps.

Let’s start with simple statistics. In 2017, an estimated 65% of the population already owned a mobile phone. Most of them are spending over 90% time on mobile apps. It is an enourmous number of users, which you should convert into your customers.

Over 50% of people browse products on mobile, but only 10% buy that products on mobile, why? Probably responsive websites are not enough to meet their requirements and needs. Is it true? People have habits, average user spends 5 hours on mobile a day. They get used to certain interfaces. That's why they don't want to learn new interfaces on your mobile, responsive websites. Look at yourself. I remember times when I decided to change my phone from the device with Android to device with iOS. It was a huge jump and it took a lot of time to get used with the new interface. Remember about it, when you are thinking about mobile app development. 

Why choose Xamarin?

Xamarin is acquired by the Microsoft software company started in May 2011. Each developer is able to write iOS, Android and Windows applications with shared code. Over 15,000 companies rely on Xamarin. Since Xamarin is a free solution, number of apps using Xamarin are still growing.

a) Shared code

The main advantage of using Xamarin is one technology stack to code for all platforms. Process of code sharing is prestented in the image below. Professionally speaking, Xamarin uses C# and native libraries covered in .NET layer for multi-platform mobile app development. In most cases, applications built with Xamarin are compared with native mobile apps in terms of performance, user experience and security. Xamarin allows you to create a specified user interface for each platform.

What is important for you? Probably you are a .NET developer, it is the reason why you will learn Xamarin easily.

Xamarin Shared Code Description
Source: Xamarin

b) Design

Mobile apps written in Xamarin are in 100% native. You won’t see a loss of performance in it.

Each Xamarin mobile application is designed for each platform. Each interface will have own, native design, which will give only the best feelings to your customers.

c) Simplified maintenance

Xamarin allows you to create updates and make maintenance easier than you think. You don't need to create few updates. Just make changes in your Xamarin project, then you need to upload the same solution to each mobile store.

d) Open source technology with strong corporate support

C # is a language that can be used by developers creating mobile or web applications - this is one of the great advantages of using .NET.

Furthermore .NET is an open source software. It doesn't mean that users have the possibility to change everything in it. Open source gives programmers possibility to improve .NET and add functionalities which can speed up the process of writing applications. The source code of .NET and Xamarin are available on GitHub, so everyone has access to it.

Mobile app statistics

Taking into consideration comScore statistics number of global mobile users is still growing. Since the 2015 year, the number of mobile users is greater than desktop users. The Flurry data shows that U.S consumers continue to spend their time on mobile rather than desktops. What is crazy – U.S consumers spend almost 5 hours per day on their mobile phones.  

US Daily Mobile Time Spend

Source: Flurry

As Flurry statistic shows, users spend 90% of time on mobile apps (stats are from 2015). In 2014 users spend on browsers 14% of the time, now it is only 10% and it is still going down. What is important for you, time spend on gaming loss ground to social apps.

Mobile apps vs responsive websites statistics

While we are talking about mobile purchasing. Almost 30% of customers, start journey from searching. If you have online store with apparel, clothing or electronics it is an important fact for you, because 26% of customers start purchases not from search engines, social apps, they start searching from your branded mobile app. What they will do if you won’t have one? Maybe they will look at your website or maybe they will choose a competitor which have own mobile app.

Searching preferences of customers

Source: Google Think Insights

Pros of mobile apps

First of all. When you are decided to create Xamarin mobile app you need to be prepared for the costs. It’s not cheap, we won’t charm you, but for sure it will successfully boost your business. The Xamarin mobile app gives you many advantages in other areas. I will try to point out the most important of them:

a) Better design

Native app gives you better view for your customers. Look at our example. On the left image you can see a nopCommerce mobile app, on the right image you can see a demo store opened in Safari web browsers. Which is better for your customers?

Mobile Website and Mobile App Catalog page comparision

Source: Own

Think about registration and login usability. Mobile app have shorter way to register and login than a website. Just open app, click register, do it with external authentication methods or email. It is faster than opening mobile browsers, entering the store URL, searching for login or register links, waiting for redirection, filling form and finally login. 

b) Speed

What’s important for you? For sure it’s a fact that mobile apps are faster than responsive sites. Indirectly users also need to make less clicks to open and use mobile app than responsive website.

Xamarin Native apps are faster than web apps because they store user’s data settings locally on the phone – Web apps on the other hand download the data from servers. If you have a poor internet connection it can cause a big problem. 

c) Brand recognition

When you decide to create a Xamarin mobile app, you need to know that you will get something special. Place on the users mobile desktop – phone main stage. What they will see? Icon of your app – probably it will be your company logo. When they will open your app they will see a customized splash screen. The examples you can see below:

Splash screen of our apps and main page of iphone.Source: Own

d) Increase sales

As the Domino's Pizza example shows, developing a mobile app can bring many profits. One of it is a sales growth. After mobile application implementation they noticed 75% growth of online sales. It is for sure motivating score for you.

e) Store reviews on AppStore/Google Play Store

If you have a nopCommerce mobile app for your store, you are able to publish it in the App Store or Google Play Store. What does this mean for you? Customers can leave reviews about your store easily. 

It is known for years that possitive or negative reviews about products or services are very important for each customer in their purchase decision process. 


As you may notice, after reading this article, mobile application is a must have tool for your nopCommerce store. It's not just the nopCommerce plugin or nopCommerce extension. It's an independent tool which will increase your sales and increase your incomes. You can create fully integrated nopCommerce mobile app with the customized nopCommerce theme. Incoming year will bring many new great e-commerce mobile applications, which will change the e-commerce industry. 

If you are not convinced yet, look at our demo application available on AppStore and Google Play Store. Look at your competitors? If they don't have an mobile application, it may be a Unique Selling Proposition for your store. 

#nopCommerceGoesMobile - check our mobile application based on Xamarin here:

Great tool for your online store. Increase your online sales by 75% like Domino's Pizza. At the end, show that you are a far, far away ahead of the competition.
18 December

ToDo List on Duty header image

Why it's worth to use a ToDo List?

ToDo List doesn't forget. Usign ToDo Lists enable to track your progress. If you have ever encountered the problem of excess work that has overwhelmed you or have you forgotten about deadline, to run promotion. It's sign that you should think about implementing ToDo List.

5 features of the efficient ToDo List:

Consciously prioritize

It's one of the most important part of creating To Do List. You need to know your tasks and give them the right priority. Each task may be important to you, but let's be honest, surely one is more important than the other. Not doing one of them sometimes does not result in anything bad, but sometimes it can have serious consequences. As a time management ninja, you need to know, which task is important, which is important but can wait few hours and tag them correctly. You can use predefined priorities like Low, Medium and High. 

Set the urgency

Your tasks can be extended in time. If you want to manage them correctly. You need to know that some of them must be done today and they are more important than tasks which can be done in next week. 

Use technology to help you

Notes were useful twenty years ago. Now, when we live and work in hurry, we must have more efficient tool. What can we use? We can install some external tools like mobile app, computer programm or use some websites like Trello. But it's time consuming. You need to find some tool, register, login, create tasks. When you are a store owner, you need tool which will be integrated with your store. How you can achieve it? Just use a ToDo List plugin for nopCommerce. You will have tasks listed in notifications.

Segment projects into tasks

If you have important and big project, you can divide it into tasks. It's easier to manage smaller tasks than one big project. For example if you need to create a online store, it's better to divide it into few tasks like - Create homepage, create catalog pages, etc. It is also a motivational stimulus, if you see that you complete 8 from 10 tasks in project, you will have a bigger motivation to finish it. Something else is in the other direction. You've been sitting for a week with one big project, nothing changes on the list. And you are slowly losing the desire to continue it.

Review and edit the list

Each ToDo List is efficient when you are using it. And you need to remember that it's "living". Some of tasks can change their priority or deadline. You need to know that you should review it sometimes and changing their urgency. ToDo lists give us the opportunity to control our activities and direct them to those things that are actually important for us at the moment.

Our actions are also directed only at those things and functions that will bring you benefits. As you may notice, we have created ToDo List plugin for nopCommerce. What is important for you? That our ToDo List meet all requirements of the perfect, efficient ToDo List. 

We've changed our work with it, you can do it also! Check it here:

Please remember also that to the end of the year you are able to purchase it with 20% discount. Just use a XMAS2017 promo code in checkout.

If you have ever encountered the problem of excess work that has overwhelmed you or have you forgotten about deadline, to run promotion. It's sign that you should think about implementing ToDo List.
11 December

Marketplaces article header image

As statistics show in 2017 eBay has 168m of active buyers, for comparison, Amazon has 300m. Typically, these platforms, or popular marketplace in Poland - Allegro are places when store owners start their journey in e-commerce. But this is not 100% right action. 

We will try to explain you why it's important to not to abandon this practice. Despite the increase in the initial phase, it is also an effective way to increase sales while the popularity of the store increases. Furthermore, it's great place to expand your sales to foreign markets.

1. Increasing sales from a high traffic channel

As we mentioned above, marketplace portals have a huge amount of traffic. You can't walk away without action. Imagine that only 1% of the Amazon/eBay traffic can be your traffic. Great, isn't it?

It is also worth to remember that majority of the customers start searching from Amazon, then in search engines. 

2. Acquire new customers

Marketplaces can be a great place to find your new customers. If somebody reaches you on or you will have his/her contact information. With them you are able to share information about your offers, promotions or bestsellers.

Remember one crucial fact. When somebody finds you on marketplace, it doesn't mean that they were looking for you. In the most cases they were looking for product, which you have in your offer. Finally, when they find you, do not spoil it, just try to build a bond that you will cherish every day.

3. Many of the customers prefer shopping via Marketplaces

People are lazy. Especially in the 21st century, when everything they can get via one click. they won't look for your store. They will enter few keywords to the searchbox and that's all. That is the reason why they prefer marketplace rather than online stores. 

You shouldn't ignore this. 

Amazon is user friendly. It doesn't matter that you are a seller, an affiliate or just a customer. Every product page has clear navigation and one-click buy options. Amazon or eBay, care about the sense of security and convenience among their users.

4. Earn customers trust

Marketplaces can be a great place to earn first reviews. It's the fastest way to earn them. if we take into account the amount of users and traffic on the site, the number of placed orders, the potential number of reviews we can get from our customers is amazing.

It's perfect way to earn customers trust. It's also worth to remember that most people have not heard of Amazon or eBay, but used it at least once or twice. You should see potential in it. Customers feel more comfortable 

5. Spend less on marketing

Amazon, eBay, Allegro have a huge traffic. When you will publish your products on mentioned marketplaces, the chances of finding your products are growing. What's important for you, that Amazon doesn't have fees for listing products. So you can be visible without paying for that. 

Remeber that you can easily connect your nopCommerce with Amazon or eBay with our integrations. You are able to download trial version and test it. If you have plans to integrate store with marketplace do it in December. There are many Christmas offers, which can be interesting for you! 

Amazon or eBay have milions users. You should see the potential coming from marketplaces. We will show you how to profit from these platforms with nopCommerce.
07 December

2017 year in nop4you

Christmas time is the time when very often we spend time on the analysis of what we have done in the ending year. Similarly in our case. We started the year with ambitious plans. We had clearly defined purpose of the action. Have we achieved it in 100%? It’s hard to say, but certainly we are pleased with the place in which we are now.

New themes

As we promised last year, we developed six new themes - Arsenios, Pet, Garden, Dijou, Runners and Bootstrap Theme. Currently we are working on the new theme. So stay tuned, we will start 2018 year with style. 

Growth of our team

We hired two new specialist - Frontend Developer and ERP Systems specialist, they are working hard to improve our products and services. We also expand our office. Except from office in Cracow, we opened office in Warsaw, where is working a dozen or so people. 

We know that it will result in the continuous development of our company.

Mobile app

In the 2017 year we developed cross-platform, native based on Xamarin - iOS/Android mobile app for nopCommerce. It was a key task for us, because we know that is important plugin/integration for our customers.

It's great to see how our customers improve their stores with published apps on AppStore and Google Play Store. 

We would like to remind you here the main features of the nopCommerce mobile app:
- Beautiful and customized design
- Promotional banners related to Products, Categories, Subcategories and Manufacturers in special topic shown on home page of app
- Integrated mobile app with online store
- Intuitive sharing
- Advanced sorting and filtering on catalog pages
- Product reviews
- Specification attributes, product attributes, tier prices

Growth of our free plugins package

We know how important is the community for the nopCommerce. From the our beginning we are highly connected with you and we want to continue our policy.

Parallel to paid plugins and themes, we are working on many free solutions. As the results in this year we gave you for free:

- Instagram widget
- Review slider
- Age Confirmation
- Ajax Filters for nopCommerce 4.0
- eService (Evo payment module)

We are convinced that mixing paid and free plugins is good for the community and we will continue this practice. We will jump into 2018 with another one free plugin, which will be crucial in ASP.NET Core based applications. If you are waiting for cross-platform nopCommerce, you should wait also for our nopCommerce plugin. 

2 MVPs in the Team

nopCommerce team created new MVP program. We are proud that two of us became nopCommerce MVP 2017. During the nopCommerce Days 2017 Grzegorz received awards for Krzysztof and Patryk.

The highest results in the official Solution Partners Ranking

Since nopCommerce Team created Solution Partners ranking, we are in the top three partners. We can easily treat it as a proof that nopCommerce is a key system for us, which we constantly develop, support and will continue to do it.

Currently we are on the second place with 108 plugins and themes developed.


nopCommerce Days 2017

Once again, we took part in the annual nopCommerce Days. This year, we visited New York. Grzegorz and Jan have speech about nopCommerce mobile apps. It was very important topic for us and as we get feedback also for you! We got many kind words from the nopCommerce Team and nopCommerce Days attendees. 

Our presentation can be downloaded here. We will also publish video from the conference as soon as nopCommerce Team will upload it. 

Plans for the 2018

More content on our blog

As you may notice, we have constantly growing our blog with a high quality content related with e-commerce, nopCommerce. We want to give you more and more blog posts, which will successfuly help you with increasing your incomes and improving your store.

We also want to increase user awareness and educate them! 

Expand the base of our plugins

We are proud that we have become the largest vendor of nopCommerce plugins. We have ambitious plan for the 2018 year to bounce from the competitors even more. 

Attending in nopCommerce Days 2018

We have ambitious plans to attend in nopCommerce Days 2018 in a larger group than in Amsterdam or New York. We know that the conference is very important event for the whole community.

We are always happy to meet our customers! We want to hear about your success and how we helped you with achieving it! 

New version of

We would like to finish new theme for the site. As we became the biggest nopCommerce plugins vendors, we need to modify our store to be more user friendly. 

Remember about our Christmas promo. To the end of the year you can use our coupon code for 20% discount. Enter the XMAS2017 code in the checkout. 

Christmas time is the time when very often we spend time on the analysis of what we have done in the ending year.
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