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07 November

We are happy to announce that we've released a new theme for nopCommerce. Wear theme is ready to purchase on our site.

Demo is available here:

Theme is available here:

Clothes and fashion theme for nopCommerce. Highly customizable, modern theme for your nopCommerce store. You can choose the color scheme for your store easily with the predefined widget.
07 September

To the end of the summer you are able to purchase our products with 20% discount! 

Just use the LASTSUM18 coupon code in the shopping cart.

Last minute promotion

To the end of the summer you are able to purchase our products with 20% discount!
27 July

Everyone was waiting impatiently for the official confirmation of implementing ASP.NET Core 2.1 in nopCommerce. Everyone was looking forward, but a little disappointed is the fact that other operating systems are still not supported. The change from the .NET Framework to .NET Core is only a technological and performance change. So, what's new in the newest version of nopCommerce? Below you will find the list of the most important and the most interesting changes in nopCommerce 4.10.

EU GDPR support in nopCommerce

First of all, we have possiblity to adapt the store to the EU GDPR requirements. We received signals from customers that existing GDPR plugins caused some problems in the store, the fact of adding this features out of the box is a good step for everyone. What do we get? In the administration panel you will see a new tab "GDPR Settings", in which we have the ability to manage marketing consents.

GDPR Settings in nopCommerce

As you can see, it's required to use this feature. You are able to enable or disable it. You will see also two checkbox related with logging consents. In the next section, you will see all consents added in your store. To add new consent, just press the "Add consent" button.

You will see following screen:

Adding consent

You can specify:

Message - It's a text of the consent, your customers will see it on public store.

Is required - If you check this box, you will see additional textarea with the text of the required message.

Display during registration - You can specify if this consent should be visible during registration process.

Display on "Customer info" page - You can specify if this consent should be visible on "Customer info" page.

Display order - You can change the position of consent with display order.

If you add few consents you will see them like in the example below:

List of consents

On the public store with default clean template, consent will appear as below:

Accept consent

As you may know, you need to give customers possibility to export or delete data in the store. It's possible now from My account section in GDPR Tools section or in the admin panel in customer edit page. 

GDPR Tools

GDPR in admin panel

All actions related with consents are visible in the GDPR requests (log) - Customer section in Admin panel. You can filter them by customer email or request type.

GDPR requests log

UI/UX Improvements in nopCommerce admin panel

First thing which you will see in the new admin panel is a "Reports" tab in side menu. It's new section where you will find all reports from nopCommerce.

Reports Tab

On the Catalog page you will see a new button "Bulk edit", it's moved Bulk Edit products from the sidebar menu.

catalog buttons

On the order details page, you will see also combined addressess tabs. Shipping and billing address field you will see in the single tab.

Billing and shipping addresses tab

Changes in the Maintenance tab in System section:


Custom vendor attributes

Vendor attributes

From the 4.10 version you are able to create a vendor attributes. It's possible from admin panel -> Configuration -> Settings -> Vendor settings section. You can create a few types of attributes. It can be:

- Dropdown list
- Radio buttons list
- Textbox and multiline text box
- Read-only checkboxes

Created attributes will be visible during the "Apply for vendor account" process.

Sample vendor attribute

Added support import picture of product by URL

And many more. Full release notes is available on the official nopCommerce site here:

Congrats to the whole nopCommerce Team, the newest version of nopCommerce - 4.10 is official released. Let's look at the most important changes in the newest version.
22 June

Perfect customer service

What is the perfect customer service? Each retailer is thinking about the answer. It’s not as simple as it looks.

We should think about the goals of customer service. It shouldn't be good at your eyes, but it should be assessed in the same way by your customers. Taking into consideration Invespcro researches we can define some certain facts.

You can be sure that your customers expect:

- Quick issue resolve - 82%,

- Issue resolution within single reaction - 56%.

Below you fill find a few ways of improving customer service in your store. 

Furthermore, 55% of customers will pay more for the service or product, if they will get a better support service. It shows how the support service is important for them. 

Simplify all processes in the store

You won’t find anything more frustrating than complicated checkout, buying or returning proccess. As Baymard studies proves, almost 40% of abandoned checkout reasons are related with complicated purchase or checkout process. It can be related with terms of checkout or unintuitive website. 

There are few tips which can help you simplify the online shopping experience:

- Easy, simple checkout,

- Clear navigation,

- Personalized experience,

- Clear payment process.

It's not a rocket science, but we still see stores with a multi-folded menu, unintuitive. Categories without assigned products. You will see also online store with 10 step checkout, requiring strange data. It's not ok, all these things show your store as not worth trusting. And as a result, it will be harder to establish a good relationship with the customer.

„Please” and „Thank you” across all channels

It’s very simple and it shoulnd’t be a tips. Some thing are obvious and that’s all. From a young age, each of us is taught that manners and politeness are a key essential for life. Unfortunately sometimes many store owners forget about this rules, it's not related only with purchasing process. You have contact with customer also in the process of returning or submitting complains. 

If customer make a return request in your store or request a refund, it's not obvious that he won't purchase anything in the future.

It’s better to be a quite more polite than necessary, but it will results in a better relationship with customers. 

Ticket system

Emails are emails, you get a hundreds per day. It’s impossible to handle this amount of messages efficiently without proper tools. Email support is still the most popular way to contact with helpdesk. Using Tickets system to manage email messages in your store gives you a huge advantage:

- Faster ticket resolution,

- Keeping the Customer in the Know,

- Multi-channel Customer Support.

Helpdesk is our main channel of support, so we know that it works. We are receving many e-mails per day, so it's perfect to assign them to different, defined departments. 

Live chat with consumers

Customers journey is changing, nowadays, if customer has a question, he will expect instant answer and help. He won’t call you or write an email, because it requires too much efforts from him. As the statistics show, 83% of customers, need assitance to complete an order. Live chat is a perfect way to provide instant support during checkout.

Statistics of Live Chat help

Average response time for support ticket is about 12 hours, compared to the chat, which according to statistics has 55 seconds of average response time, gives a huge difference. Over half of the respondents admitted that they will purchase again, due to implemented chat.

Facebook Messenger  Customer Chat Plugin from Jon Loomer on Vimeo.

Why I think „Contact us on Messenger” – Customer chat is the most effective live chat solution?

First of all, Messenger is the second the most popular mobile messaging app in the world. As statistics show, it’s over 1300 monthly users (in millions). Messenger is a great touchpoint between you and customer during the customer journey. Customer is browsing your store, but his friends told him to check Facebook, because they’ve sent something interesting. There is huge possibility that he won’t come back to your store, but…

Messenger is a great continuity of communication

.. your message is waiting for him in Messenger inbox, so when we finish conversation with friend, he will see your message and there is a huge chance that he will come back to your store. 

On, first customer contact with us on Messenger in 2 minutes after implementation. It shows how live chats are important for customers. 

Improve your customer service with nopCommerce plugins

For us, it was always importat to bring the most wanted plugins and integrations. Now, when the e-commerce industry is changing, the most important area of online store, nowadays, is customer service. How can you provide better support?

If you are using nopCommerce you are able to implement this tips in a few ways:

- Tickets System - - Customer service is the most important part of each online store. You have to receive message from customers, answer them and solve their problem. It can be confusing and chaotic. As a solution coming our Contact form plugin. Perfect customer support / ticket system. Efficient tracking. Multiple Departments.

- Marketing Automation - - Send emails which your customers want receive. Show them products which they want view. Help them with the buying process.

- Contact us on Messenger - Facebook Customer Chat - - Fully customizable Customer chat widget for nopCommerce. Contact us on Messenger, allow your customer to contact with you on Messenger without leaving your store. First Messenger integration with implemented popup, without redirection!

What is the perfect customer service? Each retailer is thinking about the answer. It’s not as simple as it looks.
19 June

Push Notifications

We are happy to announce that we've released new plugin. Firebase Web Push Notifications for nopCommerce are ready to get from our store. 

Feel free to purchase them here:

nopCommerce Web Push Notifications are ready to use. Firebase Web Push Notifications are the perfect tool to boost up your marketing efforts in your store.
11 June

Klarna image

We're happy to announce that we've released the newest version of Klarna Checkout integration. It uses the latest Klarna libraries v3.

Plugins features:

- Pay later

- Pay now - Credit card

- Slice payments (Pay in parts)

Plugin is available here:

Check the newest Klarna Checkout integration. This plugin supports the newest version of Klarna Checkout - v3. Improve your store payment system with Klarna payments integration.
11 May

Fedex plugin picture

We would like to announce our newest plugin - Fedex Packing Slip generator. It's superb plugin, which will improve your shipments management. You are able to generate packing slips to your shipments just with one click.

You are able to generate packing slips for many different types of packages. 

Features of plugin:

  • Different Service Types
  • Different Packaging Types
  • Different Payment Types
  • Supported Additional Features:
    • Collect on Delivery
    • Hold at Location
    • Drop Off
  • Different countries

Product page:

Let's look at our newest plugin - Fedex Packing Slip Generator. Improve your shipments management easily with our must have plugin.
17 April

Banner of nopCommerce Days 2018

The first two nopCommerce Days conferences were held in Amsterdam, during the last one, you were able to visit New York. Can you predict where will be the annual conference in this year?

 “What happens here, stays here.”

Yes! That's it. nopCommerce Team, nopCommerce solution partners, users and store owners will meet in Las Vegas! 

Las Vegas conference banner

What's new? 

More speakers announced at the beginning. Except Andrei, CEO of nopCommerce, you will hear a speech coming from:

- Sam Mallikarjuan - HubSpot
- Jeffrey Fritz - Microsoft
- Scott Addie - Microsoft
- Steve Smith - Ardalis

You will meet also another 25+ e-commerce experts. 

Where? When?

Date: 8th-9th November, 2018

Where: Las Vegas, USA
Hard Rock Hotel & Casino


What you can get from the conference? 

- Knowledge

- Establish relationships

- Learn new technologies

- Get new customers

- Share your success story or knowledge

As you may know, from the beginning we are supporting the nopCommerce Days, in the Amsterdam and New York you probably heard our speech about Integrating nopCommerce with SAP Business One and Implementing nopCommerce mobile app.

The first two nopCommerce Days conferences were held in Amsterdam, during the last one, you were able to visit New York. Can you predict where will be the annual conference in this year?
28 March

Weekyl Tips #4

Create Google app

We need to create a new Google app on Google API console. Navigate to and log in using your Google account. If you do not have a Google account, you need to create one. You cannot proceed without a Google account. Once you have logged in, you will be redirected to API Manager Library page, similar to the one shown below.

Click on Create button to move to “New Project” page where you need to create a new project. The “Project name” field will be populated automatically with a default name provided by Google. If you want then you can override that with your own custom name. For this tutorial we will be using the default name. Accept the terms of service and then click on Create button.

Your project will be created successfully and you will be redirected to API Library page similar to one shown below. 


Search for Google+ API in the search bar and select Google+ API from the search results. Refer to the below image


After selecting the Google+ API option, you will be redirected to a page as shown below, where you need to click on the Enable button.


After this the Google+ API will be enabled and you will be redirected to API home page. Click on Create credentials button on the right side of page to configure the secrets for your API.

You will see an “Add credentials to your project” form. 

This form has three sections.

Fill in the details of the sections as mentioned below 

Section 1 - Find out what kind of credentials you need

  •  Which API are you using? - Google+ API
  • Where will you be calling the API from? - Web server (e.g. node.js, Tomcat)
  • What data will you be accessing? - User data 
And click on What credentials do I need button. You will be redirected to section 2


Section 2 - Create an OAuth 2.0 client ID

  • Name – The default value provided by Google.
  • Authorized JavaScript origins- Leave it blank.
  • Authorized redirect URIs - Give the base URL of your application with /signin-google appended to it. For this tutorial the URL will be http://localhost:51792/signin-google. After entering the URL Press TAB to add the value.
After this click on Create client ID button. You will be redirected to section 3


Section 3 - Set up the OAuth 2.0 consent screen 
  • Email address– Select your email address from the dropdown. This value is masked in the above image for privacy.
  • Product name shown to users – Enter any product name. Here we are using “AuthDemo” as the Product name.
Important Note
Do not use the word "Google" in your product name. You will be prompted with an error and you won't be allowed to create the app. This means "GoogleAuthDemo" is an invalid name.

Click on continue.
Your credentials have been created successfully. Click Download to download a JSON file to your local machine with all your application secrets, and then click Done to complete the process.

Open the just downloaded client_id.json file and make a note of ClientId and ClientSecret field. We will need these values to configure Google authentication in our web app.


It may be tricky for some users, so let's look at the short guide about creating the Google app, which you can use in our Login with Google - external authentication plugin.
23 January

Weekly Tips 3

1. I've deleted an admin account, how to recover it?

It's one of the most common problems in nopCommerce. If you will delete an admin account, you should login to your database and enter a specified query, it's shown below:

UPDATE Customer
  SET Deleted = 0
  WHERE Id = 1

You should know that if you delete an account it has only changed status from active to deleted. In database it field Deleted
will be true.  In the sql script, we are changing the value back from “True” to “False”. And that's it!

2. I've added new files to my theme, why I don't see them?

It's related with IIS behavior. If you add something new to your nopCommerce, you won't see it immediately. You need to restart your nopCommerce application. That's the trick. 

3. How to configure Gmail e-mail account in nopCommerce?

Basically, it's not a bug. It's problem related with Gmail security requirements. If you want to use Gmail account as your e-mail account in nopCommerce you need to enable 3rd party softwares support in your Gmail. Please look at the steps below how to successfully configure Gmail email account in nopCommerce.

1. Log in to your Gmail. 

2. Please enter and allow access. 

3. Please enter and allow access.

4. Login to your nopCommerce, then go to Configuration -> E-Mail Accounts and Add new or Edit existing account.

5. Now use below listed settings:

Email address: Your email
Email display name: your website name
Port: 587
Password: Password. (NOTE: If you are editing existing account, don't forget to click "Change password" button.)
SSL: Checked.
Use default credentials: Unchecked. 

6. Save changes.

7. That's all. You can send test e-mail, but everything will work.

4. I've uploaded new plugin, why I don't see it?

It can be caused by few problems. Please try to look at this steps:

1. Ensure that SupportVersions field in Description.txt matches your current nopCommerce version

2. Ensure that it exists in plugins directory (it have a right folder structure)

3. Reload list of plugins

5. I've edited my CSS, why I don't see the changes?

Probably you didn't clear cache in your browser. Just hit the CTRL and F5 buttons on your keyboard, it should solve the problem.

Second way, maybe you don't replace CSS file? 

If you are changing your files quite often and it starts taking a lot of time? You can do it faster with our Theme Editor plugin for nopCommerce. 

Weekly Tips #3: 5 common nopCommerce problems and solutions. If you are a beginner user of nopCommerce, this tips may be useful for you.
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