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10 April

What are tier prices?

Tier prices are a promotional tool in each nopCommerce store. It allows you to offer special prices when your customers buy bigger quantities of a particular product. It's mostly used in wholesales, but it can be also used by retailers, who are able to apply it to motivate buyers and increase their sales. 

How to configure tier prices in nopCommerce?

It's very simple process, you are able to create tier prices on a particular product. To add tier prices, you need to go Catalog -> Products -> select a product you want to add a tier price to and click Edit. Scroll down to the Tier prices section, note that in the Basic view, Tier prices section is hidden. You need to open Advanced view or add Tier prices section to custom view. To add new tier price, click the Add new tier price button.

Add new tier prices

You will see following screen:

Add new tier price window

The most important and required fields are Quantity and Price

Additional fields that can be used in tier price configuration:

- Store - you can decide in which store tier price should appear

- Customer Role - it will be described in the next chapter

- Start/End Date - tier prices can be time limited, you can specify in which days they should be applicable.

Configure few options, in my case I configured 4 tier prices. Presented on the screen below:

Configured tier prices

After that you will see following table on the public store:

Public store - tier prices

How to manage prices in B2B in nopCommerce?

Tier prices can be successfully used to specify price for particular groups of customers. It can be easily implemented in B2B stores. You can combine the Customer Role feature with Tier Prices and limit prices to specified groups. In example you can create a customer role B2B. 

To use that scenario, we need to have at least 2 public customer roles, i.e Registred for each customer and B2B for only few customers. Then we have to modify created tier prices a little. Look at the screen below, we have to add new tier prices for created customer role - B2B. in my case it looks like that:

B2B Tier prices 

How to bulk edit prices in nopCommerce? 

If you have large database of products it will be hard to manage all prices. We created a tool which will help you in the updating process. 

Update price - price manager

With our Price Manager plugin you can update prices in few ways. First of all, you can import prices from Excel file.

It's simple XLS with ID, SKU, Name and prices. You can easily set prices on products, then import it from "Export/Import" tab in our plugin, without updating another fields on product. 

Second way is to use the form, presented above. You can adjust prices by percentage, by amount. It will update all prices in the store. In the other case, you will have to edit each product price manually. It's possible also to set fixed price for each product. 

Restore points are important feature of Price Manager. Mistakes are common, sometimes you will modify something accidentally. With help comes the restore points, if you saved restore points before changes, what's important, you can restore the all prices in the store, to the previous state. 

More details about this plugin can be found on our docs page here:

What's important? To the end of the March you are able to purchase it with 20% discount, just use the SPRING2019 code in the shopping cart.

Please check our Price Manager and handle Price management in nopCommerce easily:

Tier prices are a promotional tool in each nopCommerce store. It allows you to offer special prices when your customers buy bigger quantities of a particular product. It's mostly used in wholesales, but it can be also used by retailers, who are able to apply it to motivate buyers and increase their sales.
09 April

Spring sale in nop4you 2019

Spring sale in nop4you! Jump into the spring with 20% discount for almost all of our products! Requirements? The 4.10 version of nopCommerce! Just use the


coupon code in the shopping cart and that's all.

eBay, Amazon, Swiper Slider, Mobile app for nopCommerce and many, many more! Visit nop4you marketplace and purchase plugins and themes cheaper! Coupon code is valid to the end of April.

Spring sale in nop4you! Jump into the spring with 20% discount for almost all of our products! Requirements? None!
18 February

Ecommerce is a very competitve industry. Thousands of stores, products. Many of stores have similar offer. How to stand out from the crowd? As the biggest nopCommerce partners we will try to help you in creating the most effective online store. What does the "effective" mean? It means that you store will guarantee you sale and incomes. 

Must have

Must have means must have. There are no half measures. If your store doesn't have that features implemented, it will be doomed for failure. It's obvious. Apologize for honesty. 

UX, design

User experience (UX) is one of the most important things in e-commerce. If we talk about online stores, we can divide UX into 4 different parts of store - homepage, category page, product page and shopping cart/checkout. Each part of store should has its own unique features. 

Homepage should be clean and simple. It should contains the most important information about your store. You need to highlight the most crucial information for your customer like returns, payments and shipments details. It can be a simple box section, where you will place an icons and short text with details. It's the most common way to present this kind of information.

Marketplace Theme - Screenshot of homepage

As you can see on the above example, you can use the "Service" box to present information about support, returns policy, available payments or delivery dates. In our themes it can be easily edited directly from the admin panel. Your home page must be aesthetic and attract attention. If nothing falls into the eye of the user, he will close it. And it doesn't matter if you have perfect products or the lowest prices. 

Category pages are important because you need to achieve few requirements on them. You have to give possibility to sort and filter products. And you need to cover it completely. Probably in the case of fashion store it won't be enough to filter products by price, size and colour. Customer needs can't keep secrets from you. You need to know them, because only customer needs will give you information about filters that you have to create.

Filters in Furniture Theme

Example of filters in one of our newest themes - Furniture Theme. Clean and simple way to ease up the way to find interesting product.

Product pages are crucial, because on them customers decide to purchase product or not. In the age of the mobile commerce, you need to think about each device. Your product pages have to be fully featured on mobile and desktop.

We can prepare a checklist with 7 must have product page items:
- feature image,
- gallery or product photos,
- product overview, including title, price, features, CTA (buy now distinctive button) and customization options,
- product description,
- social proof, including review and ratings,
- similar product suggestions (upsell and cross sell),
- human interaction for any help or guidance needed.

Screenshot of product page

Above you will see an example coming from our Furniture Theme. As you can see, it's just the beginning of product page, but it almost meet all of 7 perfect product page requirements. We have high quality main product picture, elegant and intuitive product gallery. We have place for social proof, simple list of rating stars. Then you will see product overview with title, price, short description, information about shipping and delivery dates. Product customization in product attributes and call to action - Add to cart button, distincted from the rest of buttons. 

And the last, but not least - shopping cart and checkout pages. Invest in one page checkout extension. Bring the whole checkout to the single view. It's proofed way to increase conversion and sale. 

Focus on responsive web design and accessibility

We reached the times when mobile shopping and purchasing are nothing special. Most of our users use mobile phones to browse or purchase goods from our stores. What does it mean for you? It means that you can't forget about responsive design and accessibility. 

Responsive design allows customers to navigate your shop's page regardless of the device from which it is entered. We create only fully intuitive and accessible online stores. 

Customer service

We created a helpful article about customer service some time ago. It's the best place to remind it. You will find it here.

Dedicated modules

Each online store can be improved with an unlimited number of plugins and widgets. What's important, the most of them doesn't require a technical knowledge or something similar. 

What is widget? A widget is an element of a graphical user interface that displays information or provides a specific way for a user to interact with the online store. So if you want to show a specific banner to customer on your homepage, you can do it with QuickHTML. And it's a widget. 

We can find some more powerful plugins like for example - Marketing Automation. It's a type of all in one plugin. It will recover abandoned carts, activate inactive users, show banners after specified action or show personalized products for customers in your store. 


As statistics show in 2017 eBay has 168m of active buyers, for comparison, Amazon has 300m. Typically, these platforms, or popular marketplace in Poland - Allegro are places when store owners start their journey in the e-commerce. But this is not the best approach for them. 

It's a natural extension for your online store, not replacement. If you want to improve your sales and reach new group of customers, it's time to invest in Amazon or eBay integrations. Imagine what will happen if you each only few percents of eBay or Amazon users.

On our marketplace you can find the only integration between nopCommerce and eBay for nopCommerce 4.10. Similarly with Amazon, you can get it from our store here. 

To be honest your store can be integrated with anything you want to. It can be a shipping provider like UPS or Fedex

Your store must have the most popular payment methods, you can achieve it with complete payment solutions, for example it can be Realex, KlarnaHiPay or Pay with Amazon

Interested in improving your online store? Leave us a note! We are ready to increase your sales with our plugins and themes. 

Ecommerce is a very competitve industry. Thousands of stores, products. Many of stores have similar offer. How to stand out from the crowd? As the biggest nopCommerce partners we will try to help you in creating the most effective online store. What does the "effective" mean? It means that you store will guarantee you sale and incomes.
16 January

We want to share with you our newest theme - Furniture Theme.

Product page:

Simple and elegant Furniture Theme. Responsive theme for the most demanding users. Highly functional theme dedicated for furniture store owners. Right-To-Left supported, fully localizable, brand new theme for nopCommerce 4.10. It's a perfect choice for online stores with furnitures and home accessories, independently from size. Theme is using Bootstrap 4 which offers exceptional shopping experience on every device.

The highest scores in online performance and accessibility tools are a cherry on a cake.  

Furniture Theme comes with a bunch of plugins:
- Marketing Automation,
- Quick Menu,
- Quick View,
- Quick Filter.

We want also share with you our newest widget! Google Rich Cards is ready to purchase. Use the Google Rich Cards plugin to add JSON-LD structured data snippet on your store. With the Google Rich Cards plugin you have a new opportunity to attract new customers. Rich cards use structured markup to display content in an even more engaging and visual format. 

Link to the plugin:

Let's check our newest work! New theme and new widget is ready to purchase on our nopCommerce marketplace. Check the perfect theme for stores with furnitures and home accessories and also check the Google Rich Cards plugin, the must have plugin for every store owner!
17 December

Google Customer Reviews Picture

What is Google Customer Reviews

Google Customer Reviews (GCR) is a free program that enables Google to collect user reviews on your behalf. Information collected in this way are used to generate Seller Ratings.

Seller ratings are nothing more than automatic extensions that allow users to check the reviews of individual sellers.

The Seller Ratings symbols are displayed next to AdWords ads.

Benefits of using Google Customer Reviews

The main reason why you should use Google Customer Reviews is that you show your clients the ratings of other people. Thanks to that, they gain trust. Research shows that social proof is an important thing in making purchases decisions.

- positive feedback and a large number of stars mean that consumer confidence increases, which means for you more potential customers and new purchases on your website,

- seller ratings can raise CTR for text ads by up to 10%,

- GCR affects CTR on Google Shopping.

How Google Customer Reviews works

1. Customers during checkout have to opt-in for a survey.

2. Then in the survey customers rate their purchases, for this purpose they can use a five-star scale. In addition, they can describe their shopping experience in a few sentences.

3. In order for the Seller Rating to appear on your products, you must receive at least 150 reviews over the last year.

4. Seller rating is the average rating shown in Google Search, Google Shopping ads and also on the Google Customer Reviews badge, which is shown with our widget.  

Google Customer Reviews (GCR) is a free program that enables Google to collect user reviews on your behalf. Information collected in this way are used to generate Seller Ratings. Let's look why you should install it in your store!
03 December

We are happy to announce that we've released new nopCommerce Theme. Simple Theme is a package of three, independent nopCommerce templates. Three differerent variants of Simple Theme - Orange Blue, Red Blue and Light Dark. 

Simple theme is dedicated to agencies that need a clean, efficient core for their clients. With multidomain option checked it's a perfect product for developers who want to create a functional online store based on nopCommerce for their customers.

Demo of the theme is available here:

Simple Theme for nopCommerce can be purchased here:

Simple Theme for nopCommerce is ready to purchase.
22 November

Google announced brand new site for web developers during the Chrome Dev Summit in San Francisco. It's a beta version so they encourage each developer to submit issues and feedback. website is a learning platform for web developers in terms of speeding up page loading, security and SEO.

Except tutorials, you can make an audit of any kind of page, for example you can make an audit for your online store. The same as in Lighthouse widget in Google Chrome. Audit include stores performance, accessibility, best practices and PWA criterias (Progressive Web Apps). Google Audit results results in audit

New portal for web developers - Google announced new site where you can test your online stores.
20 November

Black Friday promo

Black friday is coming! Up to 50% discounts in If you have plans to improve your store, it's the best time to do that!

eBay and Amazon integrations, automated email campaigns and customer notifications with Marketing Automation for nopCommerce. Notify your customers about promotions with our Push Notification plugin. And many more on our store!

Just use the BF2018 coupon code in the shopping cart.

Black friday is coming, up to 50% discounts is ready for you! BF2018 discount code, just use it in checkout!
16 November

Black friday article header

Every Holiday still brings us draining combination of travel, preparation, meetings. The coming Thanksgiving will give you this fatigue, travels, and overeating. But, after all, everyone is waiting for these moments, as it would give us a break, wonderful moments. And so it is, indeed.

However, there is a holiday during the year, during which we are never tired, or otherwise, never too tired to shopping, even it’s only the day after one the most important holiday in the year.

During Black friday, you forget that the turkey was just coming out of your throat a moment ago that you could not get up from the chair.

In e-commerce it’s easier. Your customers don’t have to leave their homes, stand in queues or fight for the products. They sit comfortably in the chair and click buy now, buy now, add to wishlist, compare. And revenues are growing. But nothing happens just right, you have to prepare for this important event on the e-commerce market.

What you should do before Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

First of all you need to start with your store. After all, it must be ready for sale. Imagine now the largest shopping center during the black friday. It literally bursting at the seams. Same thing happens with your online store. People are pounding through doors and windows to check your offer. Suddenly, the stores, which until now had little traffic, have to deal with the poor performance of the system. If a large number of products come to this, we have an explosive mixture. The customer will receive a 500 Timeout error during the purchase, and this is already like a pledge.

Improve your online store

What you can do? First, be sure of your software. If the base of 10,000 or 20,000 products is not a problem then you are safe. Host it on good server and for 100% black friday will not be a technical failure.

Check up your SEO settings

This is important during the entire business, not just during Black Friday. But if you don’t configure it before, it’s the best time to catch up.

Audit your meta tags. Check your each product page and fill the meta keywords, meta description and meta title. Be sure that mentioned keywords appear also in product descriptions. If you have a lot of images, be sure that you add to them alt tags.

Increase the store speed loading

In most cases, customers have only 24 hours to make attractive purchases. Do not make them wait! If some of pages in your store loads slowly, do everything to change it.

Below you fill find a list of tools which can help you with analysis:

Google TestMySite -

Google TestMySite

GTMetrix -

GTMetrix score

New Google tool -

If you have problem with image size, just use the Pingo compressor. It’s a free tool, which will perfectly compress your images.

Remember about minification in the Catalog settings of your nopCommerce. It will compress your css/javascript files. It’s crucial in online stores with a large number of scripts and stylings.

Test the customers journey

Users feedback is priceless. Sometimes it is not important whether the client will buy, but his opinion. If you are struggling with a lack of sales, suggest a deal. You give him the product for free, which he wanted to buy, but let him tell you what bothered him. As a store owner, you have limited knowledge about your clients' experiences. Something that is obvious to you is not for your customers anymore.

Check the most crucial places in your store:

Simplify the checkout

Try to feel like your user. If you do shopping, do you trust websites that are complicated? Of course not. Check if your cart is not complicated. Is the number of steps right for him. Maybe you ask for too much information?

Implement a one page checkout plugin to simplify the checkout process as much as possible.

Prepare a special offer for your customers

It’s obvious but remember about creating a offer. If you don’t create a special promo, you don’t exist in the industry and you will be overtaken by the competition. 

Calculate your profit margins, calculate possible discounts, check out what the competition is preparing. Prepare the sheet with new prices in advance.Only to be prepared during the black friday to give customers only the best offers.

Prepare banners and communication

During the black friday you need to change the graphics on your store. Neon banners connecting black friday with cyber monday are becoming popular. Before starting the black friday campaign, prepare all banners. Prepare the slider for the home page, prepare graphics for social media, prepare pop-ups.

If you do not have a tool that will help you display pop-ups for incoming users, use our simple Newsletter widget or more advanced Marketing Automation, in which you are able to create conditions for users

Prepare your customer service

During the Black Friday, you will have a lot of inquiries. You need to remember that you will have to actively attack clients who have only slightly touch you. It can be a mail, it can be a short "Hi" on the Messenger or live chat.

You have to think about how to prepare your store to handle so many messages. The mailbox is not enough, you have to prepare for it. You need to know which contact is most important, because he is already asking directly about things related to the purchase, which only looks around and has some general questions. To maximize sales, you must be ready to quickly distinguish these messages. You can do it with our Tickets System.

Be online! When time matters, the most important thing is to react quickly, and quick reactions are possible thanks to LiveChat or Messenger, which you can also get thanks to our plugin.

Summary? Maximize your incomes with nopCommerce and nop4you plugins

There is nothing more comfortable than automated store, which fully satisfy your customers and let them to purchase what they want without stress and problems. And here comes the nopCommerce!

On our nopCommerce plugins marketplace you will find the most important nopCommerce extensions and widgets which will help you with Black Friday promotions. If it's too much and you don't know how to handle and manage all of the tasks, just use the ToDo List plugin directly in your store. 

The most important tips for online store merchants to use before incoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2018. Let's look at them and implement in your nopCommerce store.
07 November

We are happy to announce that we've released a new theme for nopCommerce. Wear theme is ready to purchase on our site.

Demo is available here:

Theme is available here:

Clothes and fashion theme for nopCommerce. Highly customizable, modern theme for your nopCommerce store. You can choose the color scheme for your store easily with the predefined widget.
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