Klarna Payments

Klarna Payments for nopCommerce. Payment method for nopCommerce, which offers few ways of making payments - Pay now, Pay later and Slice it.
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nopcommerce 4.20
Klarna Payments - nopCommerce 4.20
nopcommerce 4.30
Klarna Payments - nopCommerce 4.30 (MSSQL)
nopcommerce 4.40
Klarna Payments - nopCommerce 4.40 (MSSQL)

Klarna payments plugin provides few ways of making payments. First of all you are able to Pay now for your order, the second way is to pay later for it. The last one solution is to slice your payment into parts. Klarna payments offers to make use of other payment options made available by Klarna.

Improve functionality
Increase sales
Improve payments
Free support during first 3 months

Klarna Payments is a totally new plugin for nopCommerce. This payment method offers few methods of making payments:

- Pay Now - Pay by card directly at the checkout.

- Pay Later - Try it first, pay it later. Klarna lets you pay 14 or 30 days after delivery depending on the store.

- Slice it - Spread the cost of your purchase into equal monthly payment.

As opposed to the Klarna Checkout v3, Klarna Payments is displayed as a standard payment method in the appropriate checkout step.

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