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Monday, December 18, 2017

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Why it's worth to use a ToDo List?

ToDo List doesn't forget. Usign ToDo Lists enable to track your progress. If you have ever encountered the problem of excess work that has overwhelmed you or have you forgotten about deadline, to run promotion. It's sign that you should think about implementing ToDo List.

5 features of the efficient ToDo List:

Consciously prioritize

It's one of the most important part of creating To Do List. You need to know your tasks and give them the right priority. Each task may be important to you, but let's be honest, surely one is more important than the other. Not doing one of them sometimes does not result in anything bad, but sometimes it can have serious consequences. As a time management ninja, you need to know, which task is important, which is important but can wait few hours and tag them correctly. You can use predefined priorities like Low, Medium and High. 

Set the urgency

Your tasks can be extended in time. If you want to manage them correctly. You need to know that some of them must be done today and they are more important than tasks which can be done in next week. 

Use technology to help you

Notes were useful twenty years ago. Now, when we live and work in hurry, we must have more efficient tool. What can we use? We can install some external tools like mobile app, computer programm or use some websites like Trello. But it's time consuming. You need to find some tool, register, login, create tasks. When you are a store owner, you need tool which will be integrated with your store. How you can achieve it? Just use a ToDo List plugin for nopCommerce. You will have tasks listed in notifications.

Segment projects into tasks

If you have important and big project, you can divide it into tasks. It's easier to manage smaller tasks than one big project. For example if you need to create a online store, it's better to divide it into few tasks like - Create homepage, create catalog pages, etc. It is also a motivational stimulus, if you see that you complete 8 from 10 tasks in project, you will have a bigger motivation to finish it. Something else is in the other direction. You've been sitting for a week with one big project, nothing changes on the list. And you are slowly losing the desire to continue it.

Review and edit the list

Each ToDo List is efficient when you are using it. And you need to remember that it's "living". Some of tasks can change their priority or deadline. You need to know that you should review it sometimes and changing their urgency. ToDo lists give us the opportunity to control our activities and direct them to those things that are actually important for us at the moment.

Our actions are also directed only at those things and functions that will bring you benefits. As you may notice, we have created ToDo List plugin for nopCommerce. What is important for you? That our ToDo List meet all requirements of the perfect, efficient ToDo List. 

We've changed our work with it, you can do it also! Check it here:

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