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Fancy Product Designer

The Product Designer plugin for nopCommerce Plugin allows to add product customization features by offering a design panel to your customers on any product page.

nopCommerce 3.80 , nopCommerce 3.90

You have an idea for beautiful T-Shirts? Or you are selling clothes and you want to give your customers possibility to create their own patterns and clothes? Here you have the best choice for you! Fancy Product Designer for nopCommerce has every feature you want.

Facilitates purchasing
Save customers time
Increase incomes

- Create customizable products with simple mage formats - png, jpeg, svg
- Based on a great HTML5 graphics library
- Every element can be controlled
- You can define additional price for every element added to the product
- Define bounding boxes with custom coordinates (x,y,width,height) or use another element has bounding box
- Offer designs and cliparts for your customers, which can also be categorized
- Supports different text stylings and curving
- Let your customers add custom text
- Customers can print, download the product as an image or save it as pdf

Plugin doesn't contains source code.

Note: Images must be stored on the same server as nopCommerce.
Note: Plugin was created and tested on deafult nopCommerce installation and with installed default plugins. 

Fancy Product Designer - nopCommerce 3.70
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Fancy Product Designer - nopCommerce 3.80
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Fancy Product Designer - nopCommerce 3.90
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