Marketing Bundle Pack

All of must have plugins to improve marketing moves in your store! Use Real Time Marketing - notify your customers about abandoned cart, unpaid orders, bought products. Make reports and charts from your orders, registrations. Analyze statistics. Use SQL queries to make any report. Using these plugins profits grow in the eyes.

From $299.00

Bundle product - Quick Plugins

All the basic plugins to improve the operation of your online store available in one package at a great price. Most wanted plugins in bundle pack.


Customer feedback Pack

One of the most important things in online store is communication with customers. Buying each of plugin can be uneconomic. We meet by offering a package of all necessary plugins!

From $199.00

ExtendedTools Pack

All the basic plugins to improve managing your store. You may use business logic or operation on database. Must have plugin for each administrators of online stores.

From $199.00

Integration Bundle Pack

Integrate your shop to sell the most popular portals with minimal effort and so precious time. Must have plugin to make many actions much easier than always. Sell your products on eBay and Amazon, allow your customers to register with G+, Twitter, Amazon accounts.

From $199.00