Arsenios Theme

Arsenios is our newest, the most powerful and the most functional theme. Its fresh and elegant design is enhanced by functional and useful must have nop4you plugins.
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Version: nopCommerce 4.20
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Arsenios Theme

Valid CSS!

Arsenios is a beast among the nopCommerce themes! If you think that Arsenios is just a template, you are in huge mistake! Design is one thing, additional one is thing that each user must know is the technical background! With Arsenios, you will receive bunch of plugins, which value is three times higher than value of theme.

What does the package contain?

Arsenios Theme – Arsenios is our newest, the most powerful and the most functional theme. Its fresh and elegant design is enhanced by functional and useful nop4you must have plugins

Marketing Automation Plugin – According to research, customers abandon 67% of shopping carts. It’s huge loss for your store. With Marketing Automation plugin you are able to create few messages which will succesfully convert undecided visitors into your customers. 

What else besides the conversion of abandoned shopping carts is waiting for you with Marketing Automation plugin? 

- Possibility to create and offer bunch of personalized recommended products, based on Customer Role

- Manage banners – Create personalized banners, which will appear to customers after specified action like „Add to cart”, „Add order”, „Register in store” or coming „to” or „from” specified URLs. 

What else plugins you will find in Arsenios Theme package?

QuickFiltersPro - New way of filtering. With this powerful QuickFiltersPro plugin you are able to use AND or OR conditions to find the most fitting product and share your results with other customers and friends.

Dashboards & Charts - All the necessary information from your shop displayed on one screen? Display, analyze and export data to Excel? With Dashboard - Charts and tables it is possible now! Choose the skin which you like to and turn your desktop into a real store command center!

Discounts Plugin - Improve your discount policy with our new discount rules! 

Discount pack contains:

- Discount by shopping cart sub-total
Allows to use discount based on order sub-total. 
      This discount rule checks if customer's order subtotal is greater than specified amount. 

- Discount by Payment method
      Assign Discount to Customer's selected Payment Method

- Discount by Shipping method
      Assign Discount to Customer's selected Shipping Method

PDF Invoice - You can create your own invoice template in HTML which is published on order details in PDF. Personalize and customize your documents in store. Make your business professional with our PDF plugin.

And the last, but not least - Quick HTML and FlexSlider.

Functional Plugins

As mentioned above the Arsenios Theme comes with number of highly functional plugins and widgets, among which: 
Marketing Automation Plugin
Dashboards & Charts
PDF Invoice
Discount Plugins
QuickHTML Widget
QuickFlexSlider Widget

Supported version nopCommerce 4.20

Tested with all major browsers and devices

Clean HTML and CSS structure

Right-To-Left Supported

Open to modifications

Fully localizable and can be used in any language

Demo data on request

Easy to install and manage from the Admin panel

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